Japan Unit
This page is for a unit that was only available in the Japanese version of Tales of Link.
Information for the Worldwide version of the unit was never released.

Melee Arte スターダスト
Damage and delay all foes by 2 turns (350% x1)
Leader Skill 皆を守る力
Boost HP/ATK/RCV of all heroes to 1.6x
Reduce damage by 15% when at 40+% HP
Active Skill 光の導き Req. LC: 35
Change all markers to Triangle
Increases LC maximum by 5
Increases aura appearance rate by 5%
Boost ATK by 20% when finisher of a 4+ link
Boost ATK by 5% with every extra same-series hero
Boost ATK by 20% when adjacent to Sara

Awaken JP 1405 Allen
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