Japan Unit
This page is for a unit that was only available in the Japanese version of Tales of Link.
Information for the Worldwide version of the unit was never released.

Melee Arte 天狼滅牙・風迅
Damage one foe and shatter 2 shields (120% x1)
Leader Skill 白き用心棒
Boost ATK to 2.5x when at 50+% HP
Active Skill 白手袋の誓い Req. LC: 30
Boost Star ATK to 3.0x for 1 turn
Increases starting value of link gauge by 5
Increases aura appearance rate by 15%
Increases arte trigger rate by 3%
Boost ATK by 5% with every extra hero of the same series

Bride & Groom Awakening Summon
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